Mammy's genealogy class at New Orleans Public Library Algiers. Hosted by Algiers Historical Society

Mammy's Genealogy Services

Researching African ancestry can be very challenging. Let Mammy's help you get started.

​Mammy's offers lectures, seminars, and workshops for novice and intermediate genealogy researchers looking for their African American ancestors in southeast Louisiana. 

Seminars –  Interactive genealogy seminars to provide beginners with critical first steps 

Lectures –  In-depth presentations about African American genealogy. Perfect for larger settings. 

Workshops –  Hands-on courses with step by step instructions for novice genealogists. Perfect for researchers who have not built a family tree.

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Preserve your family history

Researching African ancestry can be challenging; however, Mammy's can help you get started.  It is worth the journey!

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's

"Your ancestors are waiting for you. Seek them and they will appear."

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's is an interactive program designed to introduce children to family history. Participants will develop a portion of their family tree, look for clues and uncover evidence from artifacts.