Mammy's Genealogy Services

Researching African ancestry can be challenging; however, Mammy's can help you get started.

​Mammy's offers lectures, seminars, and workshops for novice and intermediate genealogy researchers looking for their African American ancestors in southeast Louisiana. Researching African ancestry can be challenging; however, Mammy's can help you get started.  It is worth the journey!

Seminars –  Interactive genealogy seminars to provide beginners with critical first steps 

Lectures –  In-depth presentations about African American genealogy. Perfect for larger settings. 

Workshops –  Hands-on courses with step by step instructions for novice genealogists. Perfect for researchers who have not built a family tree. 

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's - interactive genealogy program for kids

Genealogy Room. Italian Heritage Festa, Baton Rouge, LA. Mammy’s, 2018.

Genealogy Room. Italian Heritage Festa, Baton Rouge, LA. Mammy’s, 2018.

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's

"Your ancestors are waiting for you. Seek them and they will appear."

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's is an interactive program designed to introduce children to family history. Participants will develop a portion of their family tree, look for clues and uncover evidence from artifacts.

New Orleans African American Genealogy Resources

Chart Of The Lower Mississippi River. Norman, B.M. ; Persac, A. ; Colton, J.H. 1858


BlackProGen is a group of professional genealogists who research and document African American families. We share research strategies, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and whatever comes to mind while working for clients and in our own research endeavors through conference and webinar presentations, blogs, podcasts, video, interviews, and more.  Learn more

Algiers Historical Society

The Algiers Historical Society (AHS) was formed in October 1999 by Kevin Herridge, Judi Robertson and a handful of like-minded people to promote the history of Algiers - and occasionally McDonoghville, Freetown and Gretna.  The Society is also dedicated to informing Algiers’ natives and newcomers through"The Algerine," our quarterly newsletter, as well as, monthly speakers on the history of Algiers and metro New Orleans, its people and places. Annual membership is $10.  Learn more.

Claiborne Corridor Cultural Innovation District (CID)

The genesis of the Cultural Innovation District (CID) began as a way to recover from a planning decision that has negatively impacted the Treme for generations.  A predominately African-American community with thriving businesses and beautiful homes, once considered “Black Main Street”, experienced a sharp economic decline when Interstate 10 above Claiborne Avenue was erected.  Beautiful, sprawling oak trees along the promenade were torn down, and with them came the demise of over 200 African-American businesses. The CID hopes to return the vibrancy of that “Black Main Street” era as part of a larger plan that will foster inclusive, sustainable development along the Claiborne Corridor.  The district organizers host vendors and programming featuring cultural bearers,  and storytellers. Learn more.

Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum

The Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum was created to celebrate the rich history of this unique neighborhood. Only one in five residents have been able to return to their homes, so many stories will be lost if we as a community fail to actively remember. The Living Museum features oral histories from community members, exhibits of key events from the history of the Lower Ninth Ward, and cultural events that entertain and educate. Learn more.

Community Book Center

More than a book store". Featuring African-centered books, art, fabric, gifts and more. Available to schools, churches, community events for storytelling, book clubs, performance venue, meeting space and book fairs. Learn more.