Historical Engagements & History Lessons

Interactive History Programs & Engagements

Through facilitated interactive history lessons, children engage, construct, and learn difficult topics such as slavery, emancipation, civil rights,  and freedom.   

Engage & Learn History

At Our Mammy's, we do more than just programs. WE make sure every child is actively Engaged with objects from Louisiana's African American history.  OUR number one goal is to plant a seed in the hearts of every person participating in one of our facilitated programs and hands-on history museum.

Participants are invited to learn about the lives of Louisiana's Mammies. ​Stories are heart-felt and hands-on activities are relevant to Louisiana and American History. Some of the activities  include examining artifacts, interpreting evidence, discussing facts, and participating in various crafts.

Our Mammy's on an African American laundress in New Orleans 19th century New Orleans.

Our Mammy's on an African American laundress in New Orleans 19th century New Orleans. 

Engagements & Programs Offered

Genealogy Sleuthing

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy’s teaches participants how to research Louisiana African American Genealogy and History.

Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's is an interactive program  designed to introduce children to family history.  Ages 6 and up.

Churning & Learning

Participants learning about African American History and Genealogy

Churning & Learning a storytelling & interactive butter-making activity.  This hands-on history lesson is perfect for Kindergarten & 1st graders.

My Mammies

Participants learning about Louisiana African American history and genealogy

 My Mammies: Let's talk about slavery!  Listen to the inspiring stories of women who lived on plantations in Louisiana. All ages.  

Perseverance Wagon

Participants learning about Louisiana African American history and genealogy

Learn about the lives of Louisiana African Americans during the 18th & 19th centuries.  Perfect for festivals and larger events. Activities for all ages including adults.


Juneteenth and Freedom for Mammy's. Participants learn about  Louisiana African American history and genealogy and Mammy's role in Juneteenth and the fight for freedom.

Juneteenth What did freedom mean to Mammy? What did Mammy do after learning she was free? The answers are revealed during this lesson. Ages 6 and up.

Girl Scout Programs

Mammy's at  Southeast Girl  Scout program

Mammy's has programs designed to earn the Girl Scouts  "My Family Story" Brownie, "Playing the Past" Junior, & "Truth Seeker" Senior badges. 

Mammy & The Underground Railroad

Mammy & the Underground Railroad at West Baton Rouge Museum Louisiana

Mammy & the Underground Railroad Thousands of Freedom Seekers found their way to liberty after escaping through the Underground Railroad.   Learn about the many ways Mammy served as a Conductor on Underground Railroad. Perfect for ages 6 and up.

STEAMing with Mammy's

Steaming with Mammy cooking and using old Louisiana recipes

STEAMing with Mammy's

Experience what cooking was like before modern appliances and tools.   Outdoor cooking, fire making,  and tradition sharing with Mammy.  Participants will help prepare dishes using old family recipes.   Note: Food items selected by Mammy's will depend on the season.     

Forms & Handouts

The forms and handouts needed to prepare your group for Mammy's visit.

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